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What People Are Saying

I am a Northern Necker by way of New York and Florida. I had a bad record in Florida and was convicted of two speeding tickets in Virginia. I got a reckless driving. Mr. Trible got it dismissed. Then a couple of months later, I got a speeding ticket. He got that reduced so I didn’t lose my license.

A.G. (Reckless Driving 57/35, Dismissed)(Speeding 53/35 reduced to 44/35)Lancaster County, Virginia

Please extend my appreciation to Mr. Trible for representing me and doing such an excellent job in getting the dismissal on the charge of reckless driving. Thank you Ms. Courtney for keeping me abreast of everything and thank you for listening to me with my husband’s medical issues.

M.H. (Reckless Driving 82/60, Dismissed)Virginia Beach, Virginia

Please extend my gratification to Mr. Trible – I really appreciate his effective representation. And thanks for keeping me informed about my case.

S.H. (Reckless Driving 79/55, Dismissed)Washington, D.C.

You guys are awesome…thanks!

C.C. (Speeding 74/60 reduced to Defective Equipment)Clearwater, Florida

You guys rock!

M.K. (Speeding 60/45 reduced to Defective Equipment)Richmond, Virginia

Mr. Trible answered my questions and I am happy with the result! He helped me understand the outcome. It was a pleasure working with you.

B.C. (Speeding 73/60 reduced to Defective Equipment)Frederickburg, Virginia

I want to thank all of you for helping me with this case. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

E.C. (Reckless Driving 84/60, Dismissed)Poquoson, Virginia

I am very pleased with the outcome Mr. Trible was able to reach with the court. While I don’t have a reason to reach out in the future, if I ever do come across trouble in the area again I’ll be sure to call your office. Thank you again.

J.L. (Reckless Driving 92/60, Dismissed)Morristown, New Jersey

During break from college, our son got a reckless driving ticket for 78/55. We didn’t know what to do because he was going overseas for the coming semester. Mr. Trible went to court on his behalf and was able to negotiate a defective equipment charge. We can’t thank you and Connie enough for all your help!

L.S. and J.S. (Reckless Driving 78/55 reduced to Defective Equipment)Potomac, Maryland

Connie, Thanks very much for your kindness and professionalism that you showed me while Mr. Trible handled my cases.

J.M. (Two tickets one week apart--Reckless Driving 85/60 reduced to Defective Equipment and Speeding 74/60 reduced to Defective Equipment)St. Leonard, Maryland