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What People Are Saying

Through a series of unfortunate, embarrassing events, I was charged with assault and battery and had a protective order filed against me. Mr. Trible was able to work with the prosecutor and have the case dismissed and the protective order removed before a trial date was set.

C.L.Mechanicsville, Virginia

I got a reckless driving ticket for going 91/55. I thought I was going to go to jail. Mr. Trible was able to argue that the deputy’s equipment was out of date and the judge got really mad and dismissed the case.

C.I. (Reckless Driving 91/55, Dismissed) Sandston, Virginia

I had a pretty bad driving record. I had a simple speeding ticket, but if I was convicted I would lose my job because I drive for a living. Mr. Trible successfully argued that the county deputy who ticketed me was not in his county when he got me on radar! The case was dismissed and I kept my job! Thank you!

S. R. (Speeding 73/60, Dismissed)Essex County, Virginia