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CDL Issues and the cost of hiring a lawyer

       I was hired the other day to represent a driver who was concerned about a speeding ticket affecting his CDL.  He had been calling around and was surprised at my quote to represent him because it was apparently lower than some of the other quotes he had gotten.  For some drivers their livelihood may be at stake.  The federal government and our state legislature puts the pressure on the courts leaving them with fewer options to offer drivers with CDL’s.  But that is really all—fewer options.  And fewer options don’t necessarily equate to larger lawyer fees for what are really simple traffic matters.  Whether you have a reckless driving in Richmond County or King and Queen County, speeding in Lancaster County or Westmoreland County, defective equipment in Essex County,  Caroline County or other big truck violation in the Northern Neck or Middle Peninsula, give Trible Law Offices a call.

Posted March 25th, 2014 by Pete Trible

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