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We handle DUI/BUI (Boating Under the Influence) throughout the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula. DUI laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia are some of the most strict in the United States. Virginia’s laws are very complicated, wherein law intertwines with science. Essentially, the prosecution must prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that you were intoxicated at .08% blood level or more at the time you were driving. There are various levels of punishment depending on the circumstances of your charge.

Virginia has mandatory/minimum jail sentences depending on your level of intoxication or the circumstances related to your stop. An error in judgment one evening by drinking and driving can lead to jail and/or prison time, expensive fines and costs, enrollment in an alcohol safety program, and loss of driving privileges.

A conviction can cause automobile insurance rates to skyrocket or your policy being cancelled. People charged with DUI who drive professionally for a living have even more at risk. Collisions or injuries to others because of driving under the influence have more dire consequences. We have provided a DUI Calculator below to help you get an idea of how much alcohol can affect your blood alcohol level over a period of time.

You do have rights if you are stopped for suspicion of drunk driving. Other than providing license and registration, you have the right to remain silent. You have the right to not take the preliminary breath test or perform any field tests (finger to nose, walking the line, etc.). You do have to take the breath test at the police station. Refusing the test at the station will result in a charge of REFUSAL, a conviction of which will result in your loss of license and possible jail time.

The only way to prevent a conviction for DUI and associated penalties is to NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Please call our office for assistance with such a matter.

Percent BAC Calculator

This tool is for estimation purposes only and may not predict actual BAC.