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Being Polite to Law Enforcement and Getting a Smiley Face

I had a case today where my client was rude and impolite to the officer that stopped him for reckless driving.  While I was still able to get a good result for my client, I could have had a better outcome if my client had kept his thoughts to himself about how fast he thought he was going, why was the officer targeting him and not the guy in the truck ahead, why did the officer take so long writing the ticket, etc.  Most often, the officers have so many things they are doing they don’t recall all of the details of the stop by the time the matter gets to court.  They may have made a couple of notes.  More seasoned officers I notice don’t have any notes unless something negative happened.  When I was talking to the officer  today, I saw his notes ended with a

Don’t let your ticket have a frowny face.  Yes ma’am.  Yes sir.  Thank you.  Have a good day.  Let your lawyer get your smiley face back.

Posted February 25th, 2014 by Pete Trible

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